Ramsay Services | Training & Workshops
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Training & Workshops

From the moment you decide to start your own business you will never stop learning. Covering a range of business topics, Xcelligent training and workshops are packed full of useful information and helpful hints and tips for your business.


Workshops can be held at the clients premises or at the Xcelligent training room, and either individually or group sessions. Groups are small to facilitate learning and allow for questions.


Xcelligent also offer training through webinars and self-paced learning, whichever way suits you – you decide.


Available workshops:


Step out of your Comfort Zone

How to break away from the status quo, overcome your fear of change and watch your business achieve true growth. Learn how to step outside of your comfort zone and foster the “change mindset” in yourself and your team.


From Prospect to Paying Client

A major challenge that all small businesses and solo entrepreneurs face is how to turn prospects into paying clients. Many small business owners aren’t adept or don’t feel confident “selling,” so this can present a major hurdle.

However, you can turn this challenge around.


Business training



Whether you’re dealing with a one-person business or a larger company with multiple employees, great management skills are critical. Motivating people, improving operations efficiency, and ensuring consistent quality are all aspects of business that a good manager needs to master.



Business Planning can involve as little as a one-page outline to a comprehensive, multi-page document. The key is to provide clarity in your goals and test out your thought processes. The result is a roadmap you can follow in your business to get you and your team to your destination.


Professional Development training


Business Skills

In our Business Skills category, you’ll find training and other content to help people improve their own skills and reach greater success in their business and their careers. These include skills that will improve communication, job performance, career advancement, and more.



Coaching programs, tools and worksheets for business coaches, team leaders, people leaders and managers.



Who doesn’t want to get more done in less time? Our Productivity category contains training and other content that will help people not only get more done, but also do tasks more effectively. Topics include not just efficiency and focus, but also mastering tools that can help in all aspects of productivity.


Sales & Marketing


Covering the activities involved in attracting prospects, building relationships with your target market, and converting your prospects to loyal customers.

Sales or ‘selling’ is the point where you move from sharing information with many people to communicating one-one-one. we cover the activities you do to convert people from prospects to customers. Successful selling involves listening closely to your prospect’s needs, addressing objections, and finding ways to increase your conversions.

Market topics include:


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Strategy
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing Planning
  • Live Event booking
  • Testing your idea

Delivery Styles

Face to Face
  • One to one
  • One to many (unrelated individuals)
  • Group sessions


  • Engage from your preferred location


  • At a time and pace that suits you
  • Delivery by pdf or on-line documentation

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