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Business Consultancy

It’s a well-known fact that business owners need help.


Given that there are so many of them, c.1.7 million in Australia, it’s a financial epidemic that so few of them achieve the level of income that they probably had in mind when they started.


We believe there’s an antidote.


The team at Ramsay Business Consultancy have a strong business background and they drive capability to business owners enabling them to get a better result.


Ramsay provides quality professional development, consultancy and coaching services. The principle of Ramsay is the belief that many small businesses and entrepreneurs suffer two major problems:


Firstly they lack training or development resources and secondly the depth of knowledge needed to focus on their businesses from a true “ownership” perspective. Both lead to lowered expectations, lack of business and personal growth and frequent owner burnout.


Ramsay believes that it can assist businesses to improve upon and exploit these weaknesses to gain greater market share and enhance profitability.


For established entities the team at Ramsay provide comprehensive consultancy based on experience in a broad range of industries and areas of expertise.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Brand development


Strategic market positioning


Content development


Digital Marketing


Above and Below the line advertising



To determine the best market positioning strategies for your business, we design to build brand awareness & loyalty while enhancing market acceptance.


For new businesses, applying innovative market targeting strategies that will make people sit up and take notice. For existing businesses, we fine-tune strategies, research new possibilities and carefully monitor feedback to help you continually evolve and expand.


We are able to help you build effect marketing campaigns across both traditional and digital strategies and platforms. From brand building and loyalty positioning to lead generation and profiling, you now have the means to put your business on its rightful pedestal.


We’ll also help you to understand how your strategies are performing and their return on investment.

Meet our Company

Business services underpin the work of organisations in all sectors of the economy from large commercial enterprises through to small not – for – profit organisations.


Organisations within the services sector provide business – related services and professional assistance to other enterprises, such as promotion, administrative services, recruitment plus strategic and technical advice. Choosing Ramsay Services as your preferred partner will ensure you gain a unique service that is multi faceted in it’s capability and multi-industry experience.



With 30 years combined Service experience and then stepping into their own entrepreneurial roles the Ramsay team are able to assist those moving from Service to their own business or key roles within organisations. Initial conversations are complimentary to Service personnel.


Being aware of how your business operations and services affects the environment, makes commercial business sense. Businesses who have developed their environmental management systems, processes and thinking have realised that not only does it help our environment it also makes sound business practice.


Ramsay deliver tailored, integrated services, drawing on years of hands on experience, as well as other areas like business strategy, risk assessment, legal services and property management. We can help you identify and work on reducing costs and improving efficiencies and supporting you through your business journey.


Process management is a key element of business infrastructure, like bridges and roads are to countries. Not because that’s what we do at Ramsay, but because we’ve seen (and our clients have told us) what a difference it can make.

Small and Medium Sized Business (SME)

Ramsay advisors utilise a series of business health checks that look at a range of topics including general business health, contingency planning, succession planning, marketing, social media and online presence to name a few. Through this approach your advisors can help you identify and put in place strategies and actions to help your business succeed.


Aiming to provide the customer with a range of specialised services that cover a wide range of needs for the construction management sector. Ramsay Services cover such needs ranging from; planning and the monitoring control of a project, project management support in the bidding phase of a project, and general support at the corporate level for the operational planning, development and guidance of the company staff which will be assigned with various management responsibilities.

Oil and Gas

Ramsay deliver tailored, integrated services, drawing on years of hands on experience, as well as other areas like business strategy, risk assessment, legal services and property management. We can help you identify and work on reducing costs and improving efficiencies and supporting you through your business journey.

Retail Banking

Understanding key retail drivers and combining solid customer driven outcomes ensures success. With experience in diversified banking streams, compliance and leadership the Ramsay team are well versed in defining the right cultural direction and growth within the ever changing environment.

Our Specialisations


Professionalism and passion is the lifeline of any company or group. Those who are on par with technological innovations and customer aspirations would always be a step ahead in the tough, competitive business world. Hence, engaging timely training and empowering your workforce is as important as employing the best professionals. As a company with quantifiable expertise, Ramsay Business Consultancy would be your perfect partner in imparting practical training to employees and enhancing them towards achieving the set goals.


  • Marketing & Communications
  • Project Based Secondment
  • Financial Services
  • Third Party Distribution
  • Business Start-up
  • ISO Services
  • Photographic Services
  • IT Services
  • Legal
  • Housing
  • Human Resources
  • Occupational Hygiene/Health and Safety
  • Sales
  • Leadership